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Stephen has been a clinical therapist for over twenty years after receiving his Health Science qualifications in massage therapy in Sydney.

He has been involved in different modalities of musculo-skeletal body work during this time,

and has expanded his knowledge base to encompass the many aspects of maintaining a healthy pain free body.

Advanced remedial and therapeutic techniques are used in his treatments to optimise results.

Practical experience has been gained at many high level sporting events including professional triathlons, football and swimming competitions.

Stephen treated world class athletes at the Sydney 2000 Olympics as well as many of the medical personnel involved with the games. He has

 been a therapist to professional dance companies both local and touring, and the resident therapist for large scale theatre productions.

His treatments have attracted clientele from high level elite athletes to celebrities including actors and film personnel.

His work is based on a personal philosophy which combines a number of elements of health and fitness based on Eastern principles.

The result is a system of good health based on diet or macrobiotics and Chinese health principles.

 Eastern forms of exercise such as;

 Tai chi, Qigong and Yoga are incorporated into lifestyle plans for interested clients.

Other elements in his programs include Meditation, Colour therapy, Tuina or Chinese massage, Acupressure,

 Shiatsu, Reflexology and Reiki based on energetics.

The Eastern principles are applied in conjunction with the standard Western principles of health science which encompass;

 nutrition, anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology and exercise.

Stephen has also published a scientific paper on "The Benefits of Massage Therapy, physiological, psychological, wholistic and mechanical"

The paper examines in detail the many benefits of massage therapy with references to scientific studies and reports.

He has been a consultant for publications such as Sydney's Sunday Telegraph and Brisbane Courier's Body and Soul supplement.

Stephen has been featured in many press articles including the following;
Nature and Health magazine
Dance Australia
The Sydney Morning Herald
Body and Soul, The Sunday Telegraph , Brisbane Courier




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